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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Annie

There is no mistaking the colors of Christmas. Vibrant reds meet brilliant whites. There's nothing shy about Holiday Annie in her seasonal red and white outfit with each color working in tandem giving off a dazzling look! Holiday Annie shows her colors and is sure to bring this colorful Christmas ever to your home. ~SOLD~

Christmas Tree Annie

Christmas with Annie would not be Christmas without the addition of her little holiday tree and outfit that pays tribute to the joys of this season. Whether your decor is country, traditional or mixed, This Christmas Tree Annie reflects a style and personality of her own and goes well with everything. ~SOLD~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mint Candy Annie

It is not unusual for a person to buy a box of Candy Canes around the holidays. This is where Candymint Twist Annie comes in. Like the candy, they are both visually decorative on the tree and a sweet treat that can be enjoyed on occasion by everyone. However, one box of Candy Canes never seems to be enough. This holiday season while your grabbing for that second or third box of Candy Canes, go ahead and pick up a couple more Annie's for yourself. Com'on what's one more. You know you just have to have them. ~SOLD~

Ginger Cookie Annie

Nothing compares to the spicy sweet smell of homemade gingerbread cookies. Meet Ginger Cookie Annie. To get this delightful recipe for this Annie without the cookie cutters and none of the hard work is easy! Just grab your mixing bowl, a spoon and lets get started because Ginger Cookie Annie will stand up to any and all taste test hands down. ~SOLD~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pilgrim Annie

Wow! I went on a very much needed vacation for 2 weeks. Got back into town on Oct 21st and have been trying to get motivated and back into the swing of things...I think my brain is still on vacation. My newest additions to my Holiday Annie Series.

Pilgrim Annie loves the gift of giving with her basket of autumn floral inspirations. Simple and charming in her pilgrim attire, this Annie will be ready to come celebrate and give thanks with you this holiday season. ~SOLD~

Monday, November 3, 2008

Peppermint Twist Annie

Come on baby let's do the twist with Peppermint Twist Annie. This Annie's design is sure to bring to mind the images of childhood and of Holiday candy that you can only get around Christmas. So sit back and relax and let Peppermint Twist Annie transport you far from the chaos of today's world and back to a more simpler and innocent time.

Autumn Harvest Annie

Let this rich and festive pumpkin print apron motif herald the start of Autumn. What would be better then to ring in the holiday season with Autumn Harvest Annie decked out for you in her holiday best. This Annie is ready to have fun so don't forget your wheel barrel. She'll be waiting for you in the pumpkin patch out back.

Jingle Joy Annie

Preserve the fun of Christmas with Jingle Joy Annie. This whimsical Annie is wearing her Dark green polka dotted dress/light green apron with a matching bow and bloomers. Attached to her outfit are jingle bells to ring in this joyful event. Add this Holiday Annie to your Prim Doll collection or give her as a gift...hurry before the snow melts!

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