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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Prim at Heart Annie!

To me polka dotted fabric screams fun and what better way to display it is on this fun little cutie. The colors remind me of milk chocolate mint ice cream with confetti candy sprinkles sprayed with whipped cream in an upside down cone. You probably didn't get that from this picture but trust me...that's what it says to me or I just could be hungry.

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Dear Annie!

I love the color of her hair! Hand dyed and spun this 100% wool yarn has a nice sheen in the fiber and color is deep, rich and vibrant. Feels soft to the touch, has a nice flow in the way it moves giving it that twirled look that I like so much and makes for the cutest pigtails.


Lady Bug Annie!

I wanted to celebrate thing's that reminds me of gardening, flowers and bugs. Well here is one small interpretation of what I've been wanting and thinking about ever since Winter began and that is Spring...Lady Bug Annie! I'm so ready for Winter to be over that I can almost smell the soil under the freshly fallen snow. Lady Bug Annie's hang tag reads: "Dreaming of Andy..." I should wear one that says: "Dreaming of Spring!" LoL!


My Angel Annie!

New batch of Annie's has come out! I have finally gotten around to making more Annie's. I hope I can keep this up in the midst of being newly engaged, buying a house and having to get a new job all in less then 2 months time...Whew!! I decided to make these dollies expressions a lot more expressive to show how I'm feel'in these days, So I hope you can feel my excitement coming forth in the faces of each of these Annie's and that they make you feel that way when you see them.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Double Hearts Annie!

I thought I'd throw one last one of these out there for the heck of it knowing that Valentines is tomorrow. She is now listed on eBay for less then a week if your still in the mood for something sweet and without the calories.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mini Gingie's Gingerbread Dolls

I've had request for more of these little cuties so I had no problems wanting to make more. I used a different pattern this time and made them even smaller then the first batch of 14" Gingerbread dolls that were sold around the holidays.

So here they are again only smaller so get your Mini Gingie Gingerbread Dolls now available and up for adoption on


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