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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Folk Art Annie!

I made a handful of Annie's with a little less flare more country charm and this is one of them. Trying to keep the look of these Annie's simple was the key by using more earth tones, etc....but every once in awhile I'll slip in a splash of hue either in the hair color or clothes. Folk Art Annie is available on...

Prim Button Annie!

I must say I do like the color of her hair...very vibrant and sun-shiny! Besides other projects in the making for a couple of upcoming holiday craft shows...yes I know...I have to be prepared and build up my inventory. On top of all that, I have to stay on top of making my dollies for my shops and work a full-time day job so I'm busy, busy, busy...but motivated. This Prim cutie is now listed on...


Prim Art Annie!

Stars and stripes...okay there are no stripes. Red, White and Blue...okay there's no red. But I still think she's a little patriotic for both Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. This pink haired Annie is now listed on


Monday, May 23, 2011

Alphabet Annie!

School will soon end and summer vacation will begin. So keeping up with the ABC's will be a lot easier with Alphabet Annie to help! I found and love this chalkboard fabric that's sewn into the trim of her dress giving her a fun, educational look...LoL! Now listed...

Peace Annie!

I just love the color of her hair. It's a deep dark purple mixed with a little red giving the yarn a beautiful hue. Now listed.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Treasure Annie!

Definition of Treasure:
  1. Accumulated or stored wealth in the form of money, jewels, or other valuables.
  2. Valuable or precious possessions of any kind.
  3. One considered especially precious or valuable.
All of these are definitely true about Treasure Annie! This Treasure will become valuable and precious to the next lucky person who adopts her. For more info and details, she is now listed on


Always Annie!

I wanted to draw different shaped eyes for this little sweetie but when it came time to paint them...I chickened out. I fell back into my comfort zone and painted her eyes like I always paint them. But to cover up what I'd drawn, I had to paint her eyes large enough to cover my mistakes giving her an overly excited about bright eyes!!


Spicy- the virtual cat