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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Baby Bunny!

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Aloha! Well I like the idea of a felt daisy instead of a bow and that's what it reminded me of...some place tropical. For more pictures, details and info, hop on over to my site and check her out!...Mahalo!

Blue Baby Bunny!

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If you're feeling blue?...then you need to feel this blue! Blue baby Bunny is her name and blue polka dots is her game. She's fun and whimsical and ready for adoption.

Daisy Baby Bunny!

A combination of Spring and Summer makes up the look of Daisy Bunny...I think she is my favorite bunny. Pink Patchwork fabric with 3 yellow button felt daisies stitched to bottom of her dress. For more info and details she's now up for adoption.

Yellow Baby Bunny!

Another pretty and vibrant patchwork material that I also ended up getting. She is exactly what her hang tag suggests and that is she "Sure is Sweet!" Available now on

Green Baby Bunny!

Pretty blue/green patchwork material I found online so I had to have it for this little baby bunny. Hippty Hop yourself over to eBay because that's where this one is listed.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Bunnies On The Way!

Yup I decided to make a batch of bunnies! I figured what the heck...I guess I was in a bunny mood and this mood just might continue being that I like the way they turned out. I'll let you know when their listed!

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