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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pretty in Pink Annie and her Basket Full of Kittens

Introducing Pretty in Pink Annie. She's my newest creation. It took me a little more time to make her but I think she turned out the way I wanted. She's 19" tall and is hand stitched. This dimpled cutie wears a pink, kitten printed puffy sleeved laced collared dress. Her loons and her bow matches her bodice. Ribbon roses are pinned into each sleeve. She has a full head of Cotton Candy colored wool yarn that's hand sewn into her head. Her body is made of tea-stained muslin and is also dyed and cinnamon scented. Her facial features and legs are embroidered, hand painted and sealed. Her bottom is weighted so she can sit with minimal amount of assistance. Her legs are jointed so you can pose her in any cute position. Her bottom is signed and dated by me. Her basket contains 3 adorable kittens. 2 made of tea-stained and dyed muslin and 1 is made of white fleece. Faces on all 3 are embroidered, painted and sealed. All 3 kitten comes with their own ball of cotton yarn to play with. All sit on top of a chenille lined country heart wooden basket for Annie to carry them in.
She's really precious and can't wait to become a fabulous addition for that prim-doll collector whose wanting to take her home.

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