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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Craft Room Frenzy!

My place of my creativity. Looks like a mess because it is. Believe it or not, it is an "organized" mess...wink, wink. This is just one area of our spare room that is used for making my dolls. The other half of the room is occupied by my boyfriend Ray, the TV and a treadmill. Ray has a table that he uses to customize his diecast cars. On rare days are we both crafting in the room together. I guess it's because he runs hot and I run cold. I like to have the heater on in that room getting it to a comfortable 75 degrees. He says it feels like 100 degrees in there because his comfort zone is at a cool 62 degrees. Yeah right 62 degrees. To me that's with a wind chill factor of 35 making it 40 below. Either way we find a happy medium and are able to get in there and create (me more so then him). Well, I have to get cracking and crank out more of my dollies. I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head and I can't wait to get them out and get started.

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