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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beary Kiss Annie!

"You have a special place in my life
that you’ve had from the very start.
I see your smile when I close my eyes -
your name is written on my heart.

Not only on this Valentine's Day
But each day the whole year through
I'm sending you a bear hug
With love from me to you."



Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

I was given a wonderful award Friendship
I was to pass to 8 that have touched me life. I chose you as one of them..You can pick up your award on

The Muse said...

ah you are following me? im humbled :) let me see if i can add you to my following list also...i may be full...but either way i will add you to my blog roll...i use that to visit !

what a sweet little thing...i have to go read more of your posts!

Spicy- the virtual cat