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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chocolate Bunny Annie!

I got a chocolate rabbit
For an Easter treat,
A great big chocolate rabbit
Good enough to eat.

So I ate his ears on Sunday,
His nose I finished Monday.
Tuesday I nibbled on his feet.
I ate his tail on Wednesday
Thursday I kept on,
By Friday he was going,
Saturday he was gone.

Oh, I loved my chocolate rabbit
From the moment that he came,
And if I get another one,
I'll love him just the same.



Brush Creek Creations said...

Thanks so much for your compliment on my dollie! I've always admired your dolls! They are so cute! Have a great day! Jen

Primgrl1 said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for the compliment and stopping by for a visit! :)

julie g said...

HI!!! How cute is this little cross eyed girl!!! I love her!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!!!! julie marcotte

Primgrl1 said...

Hi Julie! Awesome that you stopped by. Can't wait until my little doll from you arrives...I'm very excited!

Thank again! :)

Spicy- the virtual cat