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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Annie!

Little seeds we sow in spring
growing while the robins sing,
give us carrots, peas and beans,

tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and greens.

And we pick them,
one and all,
through the summer,
through the fall,

Winter comes, then spring, and then
little seeds we sow again.

by Else Holmelund Minarik



WillowtreeTreasures said...

I just love your work! Aren't these little darlings the cutest! Their eyes are superb! I've seen your work on Etsy and just am in awe of what you do and how you do it! Lovely blog as well I might add! Deb

Primgrl1 said...

Wow Deb! Thanks for the really made my day! :) Thanks for stopping by for a visit!!

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

What sweet raggedies! I hadta chuckle when I read your fav movies: You'd never guess, from the pretty things you turn out!! :)
Thanks for poppin over to my blog, and have a Happy Friday!


Susina's Dream said...

es preciosa y con tanta encanta! :D*

Primgrl1 said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by!!

Chicken Lips said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is so FUN!

Rosalie said...

Your spring annie is so cute, in fact all your dolls are!!!

Love the Easter backround.

my tiny studio said...

I like your dolls you add so much cuteness to them and the way you paint their faces are just beautiful.

Primgrl1 said...

Wow! Sounds like a party to me!! Thanks everyone for stopping time I'll bring the wine!:)

Sharon/primthyme said...

All of your creations are amazing !!
Happy Easter
Prim Hugs & Blessings,

Chicken Lips said...

So cute! And congrats on all the sales on AAF - I knew you would do well on that site!

Primgrl1 said...

Thanks you everybody!!:)

Naija said...

i like your dolls clothes accessories

Primgrl1 said...

Thank you Naija!:)

Spicy- the virtual cat