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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cabin Life Annie!

Just like being in a cabin out in the woods, "Cabin Life Annie" will provide a feeling that connects you with forests and nature...she's more then just a doll.

If you feel drawn to this simple Annie, I say go for it. Experience the feel of cabin life again through "Cabin Life Annie," even if it is just as an a occasional deserve it!



cyndi said...

They are all so dang cute, I can't choose a do such great work on puttin them all together girl...I love the princess, and cabin gal, and .....LOL Nice job...will look for them on ebay...

Primgrl1 said...

Girl what are you still doing up?! LoL!I thought I'd quietly update my blog but you caught me...burning the midnight oil on my end anyway. Thanks Cyndi for stopping by always and the compliment!! :)

Spicy- the virtual cat