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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sugar Cookie Annie

Cookie, Oh cookie,
How you taunt me,
With your fiendish taste,
Your devilish charms,
I could eat a thousand,
Of your brothers and sisters,
But still, crave just one more,
In fact just the thought,
Of your scrumptious taste,
Sends me into a frenzy,
An addiction I cannot stop,
So, I’m afraid to tell you that,
You are my next on my list,
Oh large delicious cookie.

by insanepoetry


Heidi said...

Oh what a darling blog you have. Annie is adorable. Have a wonderful Sunday it was lovely to meet you.


Primgrl1 said...

Hi Heidi!

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit and for the compliment I really appreciate it!! :)

Spicy- the virtual cat