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Friday, January 29, 2010

~Snow Flurry Annie~FINISHED DOLL!!

White and fluffy,
soft yet hard,
it lays thick and cold
in your own backyard.
More flakes flutter down
to add to what's there,
by morning the covering
will be everywhere.
It's solid and frozen,
cold just like ice,
you'll be rolling and tumbling
much like a dice.
Next day it may melt
and won't be much better
all slushy and dirty
you'll be a lot wetter.
At last it will go
and we'll all jump for joy,
except for our children
who think snow's a toy.

by Ethel Smith

Like a cup of hot cocoa this adorable Annie will warm your insides on a cold winter's day and any other day of the year! Snow Flurry Annie is now listed and is ready for adoption today just Click here!

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